Red Wines

Sangiovese Toscana Querceto

Supple and velvety, good structure and easy to drink.

Nero d'Avola | Purato

A typical wine from Sicily full of raisin flavor. Layers of wood 100% Organic.

Citto di Toscana Volpaia

Brilliant and crispy wine. With notes of red berries. 100% organic.

Sangiovese & Merlot Placido-Banfi

A typical blend from Tuscany, balanced to perfection, very pleasant.

Syrah Pellegrino

Well structured, hints of aromatic spices and a hint of vanilla.

Sedara Donna Fugata

Robust strength, full body with clear notes of spices, musk and wood.

Polveriera Piovene

A full-body red wine, concentrated bouquet and spicy aftertaste.

Bardolino Classico Tommasi

Soft and easy wine to drink, very pleasant and well structured.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Zaccagnini

Very fresh and intense bouquet of primary grapes, velvety to the palate.

Primitivo di Manduria Leone de Castris

Well structured, hint of aromatic spices and vanilla. A glimmer of brushwood.

Salice Salentino Leone de Castris

Intense and delicate at the palate with hints of wild berries and persistent, finish.

Morellino di Scansano Frescobaldi

Dry and brilliant, with hints of red cherries, persistent aroma.

Chianti Castiglioni Frescobaldi

Fresh on the palate, slightly fruity displays a fine clean-edge structure. A great Chianti.

Il Leo Chianti Superiore Ruffino

A note of spices and red berries. A very tasty and exquisite wine.

Cabernet Sauvigon De Stefani

Strong and intense with notes of ripe plums and aromatic spices with vanilla finish.

Ripasso Superiore della Valpolicela Zonin

Superior wine, delicate cherries perfume, supple and pleasant to drink.

Arele Tommasi

Full body wine, hints of herbs and wild berries. Excellent texture, intense, aroma.